Hospital Set Rental

If you are in need of a hospital room set, we may have the solution you are looking for.

The ICU room
Labor & Delivery room
Labor & Delivery

It's becoming harder and harder to find medical facilities that are willing to allow film makers to use their patient care rooms as a set. We had been on hold for over twelve months when we decided to builds our own intensive care unit (ICU), and the labor and delivery (L&D) rooms to shoot several scenes for the movie "The Key". These rooms can also be easily and quickly converted into an ER room, a regular hospital room, or a newborn infant nursery.

Advantages of using our set rather than a real patient care room are, you can move the equipment around to suite your needs, there is no ceiling so top down shots and top lighting can easily be achieved from the second floor of the building or from our scissor lift.

We also have a selection of other set dressing items that can be used as needed, IV poles, pumps, tubing, etc. Additional lighting, C-stands, cameras, and various other pieces of equipment are also available if required.

The rental is $65 per hour with a one hour minimum. The walls could also be repainted alternative colors at an additional cost.

Hours of operation are flexible and by appointment only, days, evenings, nights, weekends. Please call or email Dave in advance to view the set or make a reservation.


The set location is in St Marys GA 31558