The Key

The Key is a 114-minute murder mystery suspense movie set in Camden County GA where it will be filmed by ZZ-1 Productions in the spring of this year.

The script is now finished after multiple rewrites over the last five years and has received a "consider" from several Hollywood script readers. All of the readers said this is a unique, well-written story with the potential to be an excellent film; most said the only reason it did not receive a "recommend" is because it is not an action movie.

The Key intro

Log Line

After finding a lady’s body outside her home, then receiving a mysterious key in the mail, private investigator Jennifer Holmes soon starts to uncover a long line of secrets, lies, and deceit. With millions of dollars at stake, Jennifer must find out what really happened the night Courtney Mitchell was born.


Casting is now almost complete, just a couple of rolls to fill

"The Key"

Comments from Hollywood

Below are Comments from professional Hollywood script readers.

"The Key is a powerful and well thought out murder-mystery screenplay. Featuring an endearing and very proactive protagonist, unexpected plot turns and poignant themes."

"Let me start by saying that The Key is a very well written, highly ambitious script featuring an endearing protagonist, compelling premise and a plethora of unexpected plot turns. The writer makes the wise decision to craft a deeply personal journey from the protagonist, which helps to keep the reader engaged. Based on the material presented here there’s no doubt that The Key has the potential to be a really thrilling feature film." 

"The Key was an absolute joy to read, and it’s exciting to hear that the writer is pursuing it as an independent production. There’s something really fun and special here. Keep up the good work!"

"Overall the dialogue is really solid. The writer employs subtext to convey the emotions of the characters and reveals exposition in a way that doesn’t sound written."

"The themes of the story revolve around the ideas of family, love, betrayal, and secrets. The story will be relatable to audiences because families are notorious for keeping secrets that they either take to the grave or they come out and ruin families."

What's Next

We have now started filming, the Sheriff's Office, Fire Department , and Police investigators office scenes are now complete. Hopfuly we'll be moving on the the hospitals scenes in the next few weeks.

Sadly it's not a paid project at this time, but If anyone feels they would like to help out in any way, please feel free to contact me.